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Map courtesy of Zachary Adams

Map courtesy of Zachary Adams

New Historic Thomas is raising funds to construct a 2.4 mile easy, green, sustainable, multi-use trail in the Thomas City Park Trails System. These trails will especially provide beginner and children mountain bikers a trail to learn proper biking technique, gain confidence in their abilities, and enjoy their time in the woods. It will also provide an enjoyable trail for any level rider just a short distance from downtown Thomas. 

Making Thomas a more hospitable place for all riders, whether residents or tourists, will promote healthy livelihoods for Thomas residents and will also positively impact the small business economy of downtown Thomas. 

As of September, 2018 the beginner mountain bike loop is open to riders! Make sure you check it out. 


Funds raised as of 12/5/2018 = $30,526!

Make your secure tax-deductible donation using the Paypal link at the top of the page.

Fundraising Goals:

$4,800 - Mobilization: Machines on site

$16,800 - Clean Rough-In: We've Got the Trail!

$28,000+ - More Finish Work: Boardwalk, Reclamation, Signage, and Upgrades


Thank you to our sponsors!

The Oakland Foundation

Tucker County Parks & Recreation Commission

Tucker Community Foundation

People for Bikes


Thank you for your donations!

Bobby Judy & Vicki Fenwick-Judy

Patrick McCann & Anne Farmer

Steven & Theresa Souza

Sarah Hunt & Matt Sherrill

Mark & Clare Anderson

Dean Bonney

Matt Hauger & Emily Wilson-Hauger

Jere Dutt

Jennifer Raab

Anonymous donors

Barbara Rosenthal

Jeanette Essig

Sue Haywood

Canaan Mountain Bike Festival

George Finley

Woody Thrasher

Robert Tolley

Lawrence Thrush

The Sarafinos

Michael Haid

John Haid

...and all those who dropped money in our donation boxes!


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