Thomas' Local Food Movement

The changing leaves and colder air this past October didn't phase new strides for Thomas' access to local foods. Cortland acres, in collaboration with the WV Department of Agriculture Commissioner Walt Helmick, opened their very own high tunnel greenhouse in October. The high tunnel will ensure that residents at Cortland Acres and Pineview Apartments will have access to fresh vegetables year-round.

If you've walked down Front Street in the past month, you may have seen a table full of colorful and fresh vegetables in the window of Front Street Grocers. Front Street Grocers opened their doors this past October, making local produce, local eggs and dairy, bulk, and specialty items easily accessible to Thomas residents.

As the cold air rolls in this Winter, you can walk down to Front Street Grocers and grab a steaming cup of house made soup and a pastry fresh out of the wood-fired oven and warm yourself among friendly faces. The bonds formed between farmers, vendors, and community members as we share meals, borrow recipes, and enjoy each other's company prove so valuable—This is what it means to have a local food movement.