Starting off December with Art Crawl

The icy roads may have kept you away, but those of us who made it down to Front Street on the 2nd for December's Art Crawl bundled up to visit Lamplight, Creature, Tip Top, Purple Fiddle, and Front Street Grocersthe newest stop along the Art Crawl route. 

I waddled like a penguin down the icy hill to Front Street, first stopping to see the debut of Charleston-based artist Elizabeth Turner's exhibit "No Longer Known" at Lamplight Gallery.   Geometric shapes and patterns form the foundation of Turner's exhibition, which is satisfying to look at.

Upon closer look, I saw a few canvases that had an interesting marbled effect, so I decided to ask Turner how she did it. This led into a larger conversation about her process. As a mixed media artist, she enjoys working with many different materials. Turner mentioned that she layered glue and paint on the canvas in such a way that the two reacted, yielding the marbled effect. She doesn't remember exactly the way she did it, and this fact is now an integral part of her creative process: She works with materials and embraces the unexpected, allowing the materials themselves to participate in the artistic process by reacting in their own way.

I decided after this to head to TipTop, which hosted the opening reception for Ruth Blackwell Rogers' dramatic and colorful exhibition. New Orleans Jazz pianist Stephanie Nilles and bowler-hat wearing brass musician Thomas played the opening while folks mingled and sipped their cocktails with delight. 

Front Street Grocers even had their first ever bathroom gallery. You read that correctly. Local artists Seth Pitt and Nellie Rose each had their own exhibitions. Nellie featured her textile art in one bathroom, and Seth featured his illustrations and coloring pages in another. 

Strangled Darlings played that night at the Purple Fiddle, which will be hosting plenty more shows this month

Even if you didn't get to make it out to this month's Art Crawl, stop by the galleries, TipTop, and Front Street Grocers and take a look for yourself, and check out one of the shows at the Purple Fiddle this weekend and beyond. 

Stephanie Nilles and Thomas

Stephanie Nilles and Thomas