October Art Crawl


by Natalia Dutt, AmeriCorps Member

The city of Thomas is a blend of history, art, and culture. No matter where you walk downtown you will be able to see the two worlds collide from the old buildings which you can envision as general stores back in the day that are now full of modern art. Though you can go into these shops on a day to day basis, about once a month the galleries keep their doors open a little later and host an art crawl. It normally coincides with a show’s opening or closing reception and brings the artist, locals, and tourists together to celebrate the creativity found in our small town. This month’s art crawl featured meals from the Food Truck, drinks from Tip Top, and a celebration of Nellie Rose’s first ever show opening. 

“Lines, Circles, Squares, and Dots”, up in Lamplight Gallery until Christmas, featured Nellie’s unique work on raw silk canvases. Her first ever solo show proved to be a success as it had people spilling out of the gallery all evening. As you walked into the room you were greeted by loads of color, shapes, and people who were all stoked on the art and culture of  Thomas. The other galleries had their own story to tell. Whether you went into Creature and found a piece whose poem hit you to the core or went to White Room to watch the artists perfect their craft in their studio there was something to keep you occupied for the evening. The best parts of the artist community and art crawl nights in Thomas is the camaraderie between the artists. Whenever you were walking out of any given shop they were telling you to check out the show in the one down the street. It is a support system unlike any other. They want nothing but the best for one another.

Whether you have been to one art crawl or many you know the energy is something that can’t be compared. If you have yet to experience a Thomas art crawl keep an eye out for the next one! You definitely do not want to miss them. I know I can’t wait!