Thomas City Trails Update

by Natalia Dutt, AmeriCorps Member

With winter seemingly delaying its permanent arrival means more time to work on the Thomas City Park Trails. Since getting the grant to update our beloved trails a lot of work has been accomplished. Zach Adams, the brains behind the operations has staked out the new trails, cleaned up the pre-existing ones, and even completed the first loop of the beginner mountain bike trail. We are truly excited about the progress that has been made since the start of this project! With the help of various volunteer days, and committing to working a couple days a week it is amazing to see how far we’ve gotten in making our trail system even better than before. Since finishing the first loop of the beginner trail, the focus has shifted to digging out a completely new trail! It has brought on digging out massive rocks, building bridges through mud puddles that are reminiscent of the bog of eternal stench in the “Labyrinth,” and trying to navigate a non existing path in a way that flows adequately. It is this unseen hard work that allows the community to enjoy the trails they have today.

The trails aren’t the only thing getting updated within the park. All of the signage is undergoing a makeover as well. The previous signs have found their respective homes amongst the new and improved kiosk and bike rack, serving as an homage to the ones who originally built these incredible trails. The new signs that have been popping up throughout the park give directions not only to the trails, but also towards the new public art along the river and eventually back to downtown Thomas.

The Thomas City Park Trails are the perfect place for an easy close to home hike, run, or bike. We cannot wait to connect the rest of the trails for the enjoyment and use of residents and tourists a like. Though there is a long way to go in terms of funding and work on these trails we hope you take a minute to go and enjoy them!