Public Art in Thomas

by Natalia Dutt, AmeriCorps Member

For anyone who calls Thomas home or has visited our town for a spell knows we are blessed to be surrounded by a creative force of people. You can’t walk down Front Street without getting distracted by the various galleries that reside there. With Thomas being a town that has become heavily influenced by the arts, over last spring New Historic Thomas, along with the help of Art Spring and a few other wonderful organizations got the idea to bring some art to the public on a grander scale. Once we put out a call to the artists, two local Thomas artists were chosen to showcase their talent.

Nellie Rose, the resident textile artist decided to tackle the historical shed that lives on Spruce Street. What was once a plain building was transformed into a colorful work of art. The brightly colored squares that now grace the surface were a simple addition, but proved to be exactly what was needed to liven up the building.

The second public art piece was created by another local artist, Nathan Baker. His piece is a structure that will get you on the Thomas City Park Trails. This arched formation is meant for you to take a moment and reflect on life. It features  a mirror underneath the four pillars, a wisteria plant that will make you feel out of this world, and a bench that allows you to take a minute and relax with views of the piece, the river, and our beloved downtown.

We are truly lucky to be surrounded by artists who care about our community and want to share their talents with us. If you haven’t already, be sure to take a visit to hopefully our first of many public art pieces.