New Historic Thomas' Mountain Bike Trail Campaign

by Katie Teems, NHT AmeriCorps Member

If you've taken a closer look at any of New Historic Thomas' green donation boxes in some of the businesses on Front Street, then you already know that New Historic Thomas is raising money to construct a beginner-level mountain bike trail within the Thomas Trails System. To do this New Historic Thomas is partnering with Blackwater Bikes.

It's difficult to come by beginner-level trails in Tucker County. A multi-use trail of this level of difficulty will give families, young mountain bikers, beginners, as well as anyone looking for an enjoyable ride close to downtown Thomas, the chance to enjoy the outdoors and gain skills together. 

We had a successful fundraiser at Stumptown Ales last month. Stumptown agreed to donate a dollar per beer to this campaign, and New Historic Thomas made pressed sandwiches and served soup donated by Whitegrass Cafe

In addition to our green donation boxes, you can also donate online to our trail fundraiser. Check our webpage about the bike trail for more details on our goals and progress. 

Construction will start in the Spring of this year. If you'd like to donate your time as well, sign up to volunteer for trail-building this Spring!

We're about $10,000 toward our $16,800 fundraising goal! Please join our efforts!