Front Street Grocers Pausing for Updates

by Katie Teems, NHT AmeriCorps Member

Photo credit to Front Street Grocers

Photo credit to Front Street Grocers

Our friends at Front Street Grocers have generated so much excitement in Thomas, already gaining loyal customers and having strong sales since opening. They've supplied Thomas with fresh produce, organic staples, and bulk items. However, Thomas' need for a grocery store was greater than expected, so Front Street Grocers is temporarily "pausing"—not closing—for updates so that it can better serve its customer base. Front Street Grocers has released a statement, saying:

We still be the same grocery store you know, just improved. During this time we will:

1. Add a walk-in cooler to keep produce fresher, longer. 
2. Add a back-stock room to help us buy larger quantities for better prices. 
3. Evaluate and modify our kitchen to expand and offer more prepared food services and kitchen-made beverages. 
4. Implement new ticketing and pricing technology. 
5. Strengthen our team and hire two to three new full-time team members - allowing us to put new ideas into action.

Such updates cannot happen overnight or while we are operating. So, we appreciate your patience and understanding while we make modifications that will keep us thriving in the long-run.

Front Street Grocers is working hard and will re-open this May in time for Memorial Day Weekend. In the meantime, you can follow Front Street Grocers on Facebook for more updates.