Spoken Word at Lamplight

Between the 2017 Juried Exhibition, Art Crawl, a spoken word performance, and another gallery opening, Lamplight Gallery has been the hub for artistic activity in Thomas this past March. This most recent spoken word performance featured Kevin Chesser, a multi-talented individual and first place winner of the 2016 West Virginia State Open Fiddle and Banjo Contest for Old Time Banjo. 

Opening for Kevin Chesser was Thomas' very own Seth Pitt. We know him from his gallery Creature, which features his own work, but I had no idea how talented he was with poetry until now. It may have been intimidating for anyone to follow Seth's reading, but Kevin gave quite the show. It was like watching a stand-up comedy performance. 


Kevin started by turning on a radio and stacking up a seemingly endless supply of Twister and Independence Day on VHS as everyone watched and giggled.

Kevin then gave a memorable performance. His poetry often lacked punctuation, and the effect when read brought to mind the ravings of slightly disturbed individual. I found myself wanting to hear more. 

Don't just take it from me—watch the below video of Kevin explaining and reading a piece of his called "The Zen of Resistance."