A Business Map of Thomas

by Katie Teems, NHT AmeriCorps Member

The main roads in Thomas, Front and Spruce Streets, are both one-way streets. This means that any visitor who's unfamiliar with Thomas can pass through Spruce Street and leave completely unaware of our unique local businesses located on Front Street.

The area gets a lot of people passing through as well as tourists from Northern Virginia, many of whom love Tucker County but do not know about Thomas. Or, if they do know about Thomas, they stop at one or two businesses and then leave. 

My committee in action

My committee in action

Bridging the gap between our local businesses and potential patrons is my main project as an AmeriCorps member. Along with a committee of dedicated artists and business owners, I am helping to put together a professional and enticing illustrated business map of Thomas. 

The printed map should be complete and ready for distribution by Memorial Day Weekend when ArtSpring Festival will take place.

Elkins-based artist Emily Prentice, who has had pieces at the B&L Gallery, is in the process of illustrating the map. Below are the latest drafts of Front Street buildings:

Throughout this process, my committee and I will be offering feedback to Emily, who will then revise the illustrations, color palette, and layout, as needed. We have also been considering the importance of format to various audiences. To reach a wide variety of people, we will be working with a graphic designer to offer an interactive version of the map. The interactive version will be completed and available online by late July of this year. 

 In the mean time, we look forward to releasing a quality illustrated map that represents Thomas in aesthetic and promotes all of our wonderful businesses.