Thomas Plans for the Future

Thomas Planning Commission has been holding public meetings to develop a Comprehensive Plan for the City of Thomas. The purpose of a Comprehensive Plan according to West Virginia Code Chapter 8A, Article 3 is to "promote the coordinated development of land and improvements," "achieve sound planning in preserving quality of life," "promote health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity, and general welfare," and "promote efficiency and economy during the development process." Thomas Planning Commission is working with the public to set forth Thomas' goals and objectives in this plan. Thomas Planning Commission has been holding monthly public meetings on specific topics such as Public Services that will become sections in the plan. 

At the May meeting, Thomas Planning Commission hosted guests representing the Town of Davis' Planning Commission in the hopes of sharing knowledge and resources since the "twin cities" are both going through the Comprehensive Planning Process.

"We look forward beginning this truly unique, collaborative process involving both the Town of Davis and the City of Thomas that will ensure they both remain healthy and vibrant places to live, work, and play and will help the communities plan responsibly for the future.  We encourage any and all residents and business owners to participate in this inclusive process," says Rob Stull, President of Thomas Planning Commission.

Developing a Comprehensive Plan will be especially beneficial in preparing for the finished construction of Corridor H and the possible development it could bring to the mountain.