Hello Thomas!

by Natalia Dutt, NHT AmeriCorps Member


Hi all, as you may have read in last month's newsletter our previous AmeriCorps member Katie Teems finished her year of service with New Historic Thomas. Her dedication for the community has left a lasting impact. She is leaving her position behind with big shoes to fill. That's where I come in! My name is Natalia Dutt and I am the newest AmeriCorps member serving New Historic Thomas and this amazing city for the upcoming year. I am so excited to serve and become a part of this wonderful community to the best of my ability. 

When I accepted the position with New Historic Thomas I must admit, I knew very little about this community. I knew it was small and in the middle of the mountains and that about sums it up. I am the type of person who follows their gut and moves wherever it seems right at that moment in time. For me, that was Thomas. When I got off the phone with Emily after my interview I knew this was it. Her energy and passion for the city made me that much more excited for the prospect of moving here for the year. When I was offered the position I did not hesitate one bit to accept.

To give you a bit of insight into who I am: I hail from a small town in rural Ohio with dreams of getting out. I wanted to explore every inch of the world before settling down and calling someplace permanent “home.” After graduating college I decided to hit the road and moved to places like Hawaii, Ireland, and North Carolina. I loved the prospect of creating a new tribe each place I moved and trying something completely different with each new home. I never really stayed longer than 6 months in each place. I constantly got the itch to move and try something new. So the idea of staying somewhere for a year is a little terrifying, but I’m excited for the challenge!

I was drawn to Thomas because of the collaboration of art, nature, and history. I love the idea of walking down the street and knowing everyone you pass. I love being able to drive only a couple of minutes and be surrounded by nature whose beauty is almost intimidating. I love knowing there is a community around who have your best interest at heart. I love being in an area where outdoor recreation is so prominent (be on the lookout for a complete beginner falling on all of the bike trails.) I think my year in Thomas is going to be one of my favorite destinations. I cannot wait to get to know and work with each of you in some capacity. Over the next few weeks I am going to try and introduce myself to all of you, so don’t be alarmed when a complete stranger comes up to you looking eager to make friends! If you have any advice of a MUST do in the Tucker County area I’d love to know. If there is anything you would like to see improved over the course of the year I am all ears! I cannot wait to get this year rolling and serve the city of Thomas to the best of my ability!