January Art Crawl


by Natalia Dutt, AmeriCorps Member

2018 in Thomas started off with an artistic bang with the first official art walk of the year. Braving the freezing temperatures many people were able to take in the main event at Lamplight Gallery. The opening reception of Michael Doig's show "Turning over Stones" brought us something different from his popular colorful cats found around town. His pieces had the ability to dreamily transport you back in time. Taking imagery from old photographs and utilizing his talents with oil painting to create pieces that pay homage to the past and the natural tectonic shifts the Appalachian Mountains have experienced over the years. In his artist’s statement, Doig claimed, “As an artist I try to create work that reflects these geological processes by using images from the past and allowing the oil painting process itself to mimic the natural forces that have shaped the world by slowly building up layers of paint, and then allowing drips to obfuscate and distort parts of the image.” This collection of pieces refers to the Appalachia that was all while allowing the paint to naturally run like the tectonic shifts the Appalachian Mountains have experienced over the years and be in constant creation of the new.

Lamplight wasn’t the only place showcasing new works of art. TipTop said goodbye to the groovy cats that have graced their walls for the last few months and said hello to pieces by Annie Simcoe. Her works of art are a labor of local love. From making her own paper out of the materials she finds here in West Virginia to using the surrounding landscapes as inspiration, she is able to produce work that can make you feel right at home. 

The art walks which are hosted throughout the year allow the community to yet again come together and support local creativity. We are looking forward to another year of community creativity, support, and fun art crawls! Be sure to remain on the lookout for more events in the upcoming months.