A (Brief) Guide to the Trails of Thomas

While it may be across the bridge from the rest of town, the Thomas City Park Trails are undeniably a Thomas gem. Whether you’re a serious mountain biker, a beginner or just looking for nice spot to walk the dog or go on a nature walk, Thomas City Park has the trail for you:


Dale’s Trail: The newest addition to the family. Dale’s Trail, at less than two miles long and featuring a smooth path, is designed specifically for the newest and youngest riders in town.


Jr. Davis Trail: There’s nothing “Jr.” about this one. The outermost loop of the system features some tough climbs and goes all the way from the banks of the river to the top of the park.


Bear Bone Trail: The Bear Bone Trail connects to Jr. Davis by the river and up the ridge. Either a challenging ride up or fast one down.   


Quattro Cutover: Short and sweet. A rock and dirt filled tribute to our own mayor, Matt Quattro.  


Dottie Smith Trail: Another hilly connector that will get you from the river to the ridge in no time.