Tiny Llama


by Natalia Dutt, AmeriCorps Member

photo by: John Ryan

photo by: John Ryan

Living in Thomas we are lucky to be surrounded by a wide variety of creative souls. Individuals who thrive bringing the arts to a community waiting with open arms. Though we do have quite a few artists in our town, there tends to be a lack of supplies available to those wishing to create without having to drive down the mountain. Enter in Tiny Llama, a new business that will be making their debut on Front Street Memorial Day weekend. Cara Parrish, the brains behind the operation, wants the opportunity to bring accessibility to art supplies in Thomas. She believes that creativity is an important part in developing a cohesive community, and having art supplies at the ready will help propel this avenue of expression. Tiny Llama is starting off small by having a space in Lamplight Gallery which will allow her to see what works in this business. She will be providing a mix of new as well as used art supplies received from donations. With a donation box set up at the Opera House she is hoping people will go through their art closets and get rid of the supplies that still have use, but have been collecting dusts for years after the project was completed. 

She hopes with better access to art supplies and grouping them in a way that makes sense will not only benefit the current artists but also inspire “regular” people to let go of their fears and create. Having taken a wide variety of career paths, Cara is excited to finally work for herself and have a business that will provide something a little different to the people in the area. Though this has been an idea swirling around in her mind for years, it wasn’t until she came in second in a pitch writing contest that she realized this it is something that could work. Taking the leap into owning your own business is always slightly nerve-racking, but Tiny Llama is worth the risk. Having already received some donations to the shop she is eager to see what develops. One of the main experiments in the early days of the business is to see if the customers respond well to the availability of the used products or if she should maintain more new products. It is exciting to see members  of the community doing work that will leave a positive mark for the rest of us. Be sure to check through all of your art or office supplies that you no longer need and bring them down to the Cottrill’s Opera House Tuesdays through Fridays 11-5 to ensure they find a new home! Everyone can be a part of the next art movement in Thomas ! Be on the lookout for more information regarding the opening of this phenomenal business, that in fact has nothing to do with a tiny dancing llama. Check out https://www.tinyllama.org/ for any questions!