Purple Fiddle Dance Parties

By Natalia Dutt, AmeriCorps Member

Any night at the Purple Fiddle seem to hold some sort of magic in the air. The collective vibe of the entire crowd can lift the spirit of anyone who steps foot into the room. Wednesday evening was no different. The individuals who braved the snow and cold were treated to a show by a town favorite Repeat Repeat. The crowd first got to see an intimate show where it was only the lead singer, his guitar, and the crowd hanging on every song. Known for their typically uptempo dance music, we were able to experience a stripped down version of the band. As the night wore on, however, the music became more upbeat and the show turned into one huge dance party. Though the snow may have kept some away, the people who braved the cold we able to experience such a special show. 

Repeat Repeat brought their unique sound and eclectic vibe that cheered up anyone who listened. They created an atmosphere and energy that is difficult to explain. The bands who come through the Purple Fiddle always put on an amazing show. An atmosphere that allows people of all types to let loose for a moment in time. Here in Thomas we are incredibly lucky to have a haven like the Purple Fiddle to experience the magic of live music. We are lucky to see acts that maybe would have been unknown to us prior. We are lucky to have a place to gather with our community, let our hair down, and dance like no one is watching.