People of Thomas: Christine Kozan

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Christine Kozan moved to Thomas in 2004 two weeks out of college to work for the Aldridge Academy. She assumed she would stay in the area for a transitional period working for this wilderness therapy program and then move on to the next spot. She soon found herself a tribe of friends that made her feel completely at home. She has found it to be incredibly easy  living in Thomas. The good vibe bubble this mountain town provides made the decision to stay indefinitely much easier. When she  first moved to town it was before Front Street was full of the wide variety of businesses that it boasts today. She was able to see the artists and business owners slowly begin to trickle in and the growth of the town we have today begin authentically. Falling in love with Thomas and the surrounding area Christine wanted to become more involved. She wanted the opportunity to better her community, and along with a group of friends they started to plan simple beautification projects. Mayor Matt Quattro caught wind of these projects, and suggested they revive the non profit New Historic Thomas organization. They were able to complete small projects to beautify the downtown like getting picnic tables donated down on the riverfront, flower arrangements on Front Street, and other simple projects that made Thomas a beautiful place to live. She has since been involved in a wide variety of projects throughout the town and has been an incredible asset to Thomas. Throughout her 14 years in Thomas she has been able to put her hands in a wide variety of projects and jobs. After working for the Aldridge Academy for four years, she began to do work in windmill biology research at the various wind power sites in the area. Crediting being in the right place at the right time she was able to get this position all while waitressing at the Flying Pig one summer. Christine was able to work full time  for three years basically hiking in the area for this research company. It was something that has remained one of her favorite positions during her time in Thomas. 

Thomas is a place where each day provides something different. Christine has said one of the benefits  of living in this community is that if one day she wants to be incredibly social she can head down to any of the shops and find someone she knows. And if she wants quiet she is able to explore all of the nature that Tucker County has to offer. She loves being able to live so close to town, but still be able to find the solitude that is sometimes needed. Christine, like most people came to Thomas expecting to only live here for a short period of time, but fell in love with the area and never left. She has been able to create a life of which she is happy and proud. Christine has been able to see the community grow in ways that she never would have expected when she originally came to this small town. She has been able to find a group of individuals that became family. The kind of people who would choreograph an elaborate dance to support a friend’s new business. One of whom is Nathan Baker, who just celebrated their ten year anniversary by way of a cross country road trip. She has found a place that she is passionate about supporting because it has become her home. She is a person that has done a lot work for our community behind the scenes. She is the person that will always be there to help out her neighbors and people who are in need. She has impacted the community in more ways than she has realized and has truly helped Thomas become the place it is today. We are thankful for all that she continues to do in the community whether it be helping with revitalization efforts or offering a smile walking down Front Street. Thomas would not be the same without Christine Kozan.