Thomas Celebration


We are lucky in Thomas to be surrounded by a community who want to support one another at the drop of the hat. At New Historic Thomas, we are so glad to have a support system in this town that allows us to accomplish all that we do. It is a team effort, one of which should be celebrated more often. On April 26th, we did just that. Filling Cottrill’s Opera House with delicious food from Farm Up Truck, amazing beer from our local breweries, and our community that at times can feel like a family to celebrate us. We wanted the

opportunity to show the community what New Historic Thomas has been up to over the last few years. It was a time for us to come together in a casual fashion as opposed to the formal meeting. We wanted to showcase the grants we’ve been awarded, celebrate the amazing public art pieces done by Nellie Rose and Nathan Baker, and our hopes for the future.


As we all crowded into the Opera House people wrote what they were thankful for in this community. They were able to look back on all of the work we have put in over the years, and more importantly bring everyone together for one much needed party. It is our hope that we can continue to celebrate our amazing town every day. We want to thank ArtSpring for not only partnering with us to make the public art a possibility and for opening up the Opera House for the party. We want to thank Mayor Matt Quattro for his constant dedication to Thomas. We want to thank YOU all! Without this community we would not be able accomplish half of the things we have in this town. Finally, we need to thank Emily Wilson-Hauger, our fearless leader at New Historic Thomas. She has worked tirelessly throughout the years to help Thomas become all that it is today. We are grateful and lucky to be surrounded by people who love and support this town in more ways than they realize. Thanks to everyone who showed up to make this event as fun as possible!