A Return to Thomas


Mark your calendar, on Thursday, May 3, 2018 former Thomas resident E Reid Gilbert will be at Tip Top discussing his new book, "Stories Tell What Can’t Be Told." During his time living in Thomas, he became one of the original members of New Historic Thomas as well as one of the founders of the Thomas Education Center. He was the former owner of the DiBenedetto building (now known as Creature) which housed the Valley Ridge Theatre. As a Thomas citizen he was a strong advocate for bringing the arts to the community and helped with the beginning of the revitalization of Front Street. As a successful author, mime, and curator he was an asset to the Thomas community. Every year during his time living in Thomas the Valley Ridge Theatre put on a wide variety of plays in town. He is making his return to Front Street on May 3 to talk about his new book which is a collection of stories about his time in Tucker count and his memory of the Valley Ridge Theatre. Be sure to head down to Tip Top on Thursday to say hello to Gilbert, thank him for his dedication to the revitalization of Thomas, and listen to his tales of Tucker County from long ago. We are thankful for the work he did to make Thomas what it is today. Whether you call Thomas home for a short spell or a long time, the community members here are ones that are passionate about their home and will do whatever it takes to create a successful town. We are lucky to have had someone like Gilbert as a community member who brought something unique to our town and is able to tell his stories in a creative way.