A Lasting Impact on Front Street

On Thursday, May 3, we were lucky to be blessed with the return of a very influential former Thomas resident. E Reid Gilbert is a creative individual- a playwright, author, mime, and a laundry list of other things who has lived an interesting life. When he called Thomas home for a spell he helped bring the arts to Front Street. As the owner of the Valley Ridge Theatre, which was once located in the building that Creature resides, he provided summers full of laughs and high spirits. With the release of his most recent book, “Stories Tell What Can’t Be Told” which tells tales of his time in Thomas and Tucker County, he made a triumphant return to Front Street to share some of his favorite memories. People who personally worked alongside Gilbert during his time in Thomas and the ones who have since been welcomed to Front Street with open arms filled Tip Top to hear from someone who had once played such a major role in our community. As community members come and go in Thomas, we are lucky to reap the rewards of their legacy! We cannot thank E Reid Gilbert enough for all he had done for our community and the stories that kept us smiling all night! Be sure to check out his most and see if you were part of any of the stories!