New Historic Thomas

New Historic Thomas is a non-profit community group dedicated to revitalizing the city of Thomas by preserving its history, cultural heritage, and resources that make the city unique.  Working with the mayor and city council, New Historic Thomas aims to preserve the city's built and natural environment, businesses, and people so that Thomas continues to be a thriving environment for residents, visitors, and the business community. 


  • Re-bricked historic 3rd street
  • Removed old railroad ties from the grade
  • Improved sidewalk conditions
  • Purchased the Western Maryland building to be used as a possible future visitors center for the city
  • Acquired a historic district status for downtown Thomas
  • Conducted a environmental assessment on the riverfront property
  • Purchased picnic tables and trash cans for the riverfront trail
  • Purchased and maintain benches and flower barrels for Front Street
  • Applied and continue to apply for grant monies
  • Conducted a vacant & dilapidated buildings survey
  • Planted and maintain a garden at City Hall
  • Pruned apple trees on Front Street
  • Organized ongoing maintenance of Thomas Trails system
  • Spearheaded and awarded (as the City) a U.S. EPA Brownfields Hazardous Substances Assessment Grant for the riverfront and downtown properties
  • Funded and commissioned Thomas City Park and Trails sign
Community meeting - September 2011

Community meeting - September 2011

Board Members

President - 

Vice President - Athey Lutz 

Secretary - Sara Litzau

Treasurer - Mart Neustadt 

Board Member - Heidi Haldeen

Board Member - Joy Malinowski

Board Member - Audrey Stefenson

Open Meeting Minutes